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Use Powtoon to create your presentations

Create animated videos and presentations as easy as powerpoint!
Powtoon for education

How to create animated presentations in 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Script
You need to create a script that describes what will happen in every “scene”.

 Step 2: Voice-Over Guide / Background Music
 You need to either choose a background track for your music or record a voice-over guide.
 So you can do this yourself (record yourself in or use an online text to voice software
 Once you have your voice-over guide, all you need to do is upload it into PowToon and you will now be able to add the visuals to the sound.

Step 3: Dividing the Slides
Now you can start creating slides according to the script. Each slide represents a scene and an idea as outlined in the script. Try to keep your slides short, this way you can put a lot of interesting visuals in your Powtoon.

Step 4:  Populate the Slides
Now it’s time to add graphics, background, props, images and characters to your slides. It’s important to convey the message together with the graphic images and as little text as possible, so the audience doesn’t have to sit there reading all the time (unless this is the effect you’re after) and doesn’t get overwhelmed with information.
For example: If the problem makes the main character sad, it is enough to display the main character in a sad pose without adding any text.

Step 5: Timing
Now you have to time it all. This is the last step and is actually one that can have a significant effect on the “professional” look and feel of your final result.
click here for a demo: How to create a Demo Powtoon

Tutorials: tutorials 


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