jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

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Carmen Martín Loscos 2ºE

Hello readers!
In this article I have to talk about my trip to New York,what I did, things to visit, what I ate, shops, environment, people ...
I was in Madrid ready to grab the flight to New York. I arrived at my destination. From there I went to my hotel which was on First Avenue. Then I started my tour of New York. I was visiting the famous Statue of Liberty, also I visited the amazing gardens in Central Park.Those days I ate in many places and in the Cafe Pierre, The Park Room, The Carlyle restaurant...I enjoyed the Metropolitan Opera, the Metropolitan Museum, ABC Studios in Times Square, Yankee Stadium, The Empire State Building...I also had time for shopping in the shops of "What comes around, goes around"...
Those days I spent in New York have been hallucinating. New York is better than the movies, everything is real, everything is breathtakingly beautiful.

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